Due Diligence Support

The Alternative Data Edge

We support investors, analysts and portfolio managers across the institutional, private equity, hedge fund, venture capital and family office sectors seeking an edge in their investment management decisions.

We have a demonstrated track record in procuring difficult-to-source data, information and insights that support:

  • Idea generation, screening and assessment
  • Due diligence (see below) and
  • Ongoing risk management

Our unique multi-disciplinary expertise brings together:

  • Market and industry analysis
  • Customer, channel, competitor and supplier intelligence
  • Informal interviews with hard-to-reach decision makers
  • Custom quantitative surveys
  • Stakeholder consultation
  • Benchmarking
  • Identification and sourcing of alternative data sets that can augment market and valuation models
  • New concept/product development and assessment
  • Site visits, trade show and event attendance

Our investment management support work is conducted on a private, confidential basis.

Connect with Our Network of Experts

In our experience, there is often no substitute to “hearing it from the horse’s mouth” — getting an informed and current perspective, directly from someone who has a stake in your topic of interest.

We can connect you (in person, by telephone or online) with experts in a specific topic, business, or industry – drawing both on our own network, and those of expert network partners around the globe.

We can also identify and consult with experts on your behalf – on a confidential basis if required (for example in advance of an M&A transaction or new product / market launch).

Venture Identification & Screening

A significant challenge for investors is access to ‘deal flow’ – opportunities to engage with companies of various growth stages that are seeking capital. 

We support investors by identifying and shortlisting investment prospects based on targeted criteria – typically around industry, geographic and/or technology specialties.

We specialize in bridging the gap between capital and investment opportunities across North America and the Asia Pacific region – where we have a network of partners capable of supporting both inbound and outbound opportunities.

Investor Due Diligence

We support investor due diligence through independent, expert assessments of market opportunity, competitive threat, business plan assumptions and go-to-market strategy feasibility.

Drawing on our commercial consulting tools, we provide independent, evidence-based advice and local market knowledge that investors can rely on as part of broader diligence activity – typically working in partnership with transaction, legal and accounting advisors.