Expert Meeting Facilitation

At Growth Advisors, all our engagements involve some form of senior management and/or Board group decision making workshops.  We have extensive experience in designing and leading workshops ranging from small-scale executive offsite retreats to large-scale leadership conferences spanning multiple days for hundreds of people.

So what makes a group workshop a success?


  • Design & Preparation: While it may be counter-intuitive, in our experience the success or failure of group workshops comes down to not what happens on the day, but what happens beforehand.  This includes ensuring the a workshop is in fact the best way to address the need.
  • Facilitator Experience: As experienced management consultants, we have a deep understanding and experience of how group decision making and action planning supports effective strategy development and implementation.
  • Facilitator Skills: We also have demonstrated skill in developing and managing group dynamics, handling individual participants, balancing a task and time focus, and ensuring all participants have a high-impact experience.


Participants in workshops facilitated by Growth Advisors can expect:

  • A leadership focus, including an expectation of participation, volunteering, delegation and accountability
  • An action focus, with a ‘start with the end in mind’ approach to identifying and allocating initiatives and actions
  • An intensive style, designed to generate ‘crucial conversations‘ in a comfortable but demanding group environment