Performance Improvement

When organisational performance is flagging, there is often an unspoken sense of something missing. But what?

In working across hundreds of varying organisations across many industries, we often see that one or more proven, ‘common sense’ management practices or tools are missing – such as:

Performance Management: role descriptions, KRAs, 360 feedback

Incentives: measurement and bonuses

Customer Feedback: independent measures of customer feedback, satisfaction and loyalty

Employee Engagement: measuring and managing the key driver of organisational performance

Meeting Rhythm: regular meeting cycles (including 1 on 1s, ‘town hall’ meetings)

Standard Systems: management information systems, checklists

Manager Skills Training: managers account for 70% of the variance in employee engagement scores!

Critical Conversations: skills and forums for managing communication (including gossip and complaints)


We provide custom solutions designed to understand and influence the drivers of performance in client organisations using these tools.