Strategic Plans: Roadmaps to Growth

At Growth Advisors we are obsessed with growth:

  • Revenue growth
  • Performance growth
  • Productivity growth

But how do successful organisations achieve growth?  In our view1, it all starts with a roadmap – one which answers a series of fundamental questions:

  • Goals and Aspirations: What is our guiding purpose, and what are our measurable objectives?
  • Where to Play: Where will we operate? Which geographies, categories, segments, channels?
  • How to Win: How will we be successful – with what value proposition? What competitive advantage? What activities?
  • How to Configure: What capabilities must be in place? What systems, skills and structures will support these?
  • What Now: Who will do what, how, and by when? How will we know if we’re on track?

The answers to these questions are often simple – but generating them is rarely easy.  To support our clients to do so, we employ a combination of data gathering and analysis, group decision making and project planning — all integrated together so the end result is a simple roadmap to growth.

1. Playing To Win: How Strategy Really Works, Lafley & Martin, 2013